Home Security Tips

Here are some great security tips whether your at home or on holiday:

  • Store money away safely
  • Shut windows securely
  • If you need to keep windows open at night put your alarm on
  • Keep blinds/curtains closed at night time and open during the day.
  • Keep keys handy for emergency exits but not visible
  • Don’t leave your keys in the back door
  • Light deters intruders so leave a light on in the hall or porch.
  • Downstairs is not the only way in - remember drain pipes, walls, lattice work, extension roofs and wheelie bins all give burglars a step up
  • Remember to cancel your milk and newspaper orders while away
  • Ensure that doors are locked while you are occupying the house. Intruders may decide to make an entrance even when you are in the house, attending to children, working, relaxing in the bath or in front of the television
  • Don’t leave the keys under the mat or plant pot
  • Make sure your exterior alarm box is clean - this implies that your alarm has recently been serviced
  • Don’t leave your alarm code by your alarm control panel
  • When you buy new appliances such as a flat screen TV, dispose of the packaging carefully. Don’t leave the box outside your house.
  • Don’t update your Facebook page with holiday snaps
  • Instead of a letter box in your door, get a post box on your wall.
  • Think about where you store your belongings at night, even if your house is secure be mindful of where you store your possessions.
  • Allow your neighbour to use your driveway while you're away
  • Get a neighbour or friend to move your post to somewhere less conspicuous than your doormat

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