Tips for securing your Business

While adequate alarm and CCTV systems are important to protect your business, nowadays it is also very important to have computer security in check.


Here are some building security tips:

  • Ensure your Alarm System, CCTV and security equipment are serviced regularly
  • Have an emergency plan should a robbery occur outlining what to do in case of such emergency. This emergency plan should have contact numbers for police and emergency services.
  • Ensure there is someone at reception at all times
  • Have a sign in and sign out system for visitors
  • Ensure visitors are accompanied by a trusted employee at all times
  • Make sure all doors, windows and storage areas have their own locks
  • Gives keys to only essential personnel
  • Limit the number of people who have access to alarm codes etc.
  • Adequate lighting on the interior and exterior of your building
  • Shred documents frequently
  • Request your employees leave their place of work listing on their social media profile blank.

Computer Security Tips:

  • Regularly change passwords
  • Designate user names for each individual user
  • Then limit access levels depending on user
  • Lock computer when unattended
  • Back up data regularly
  • Conduct a security audit
  • Implement security policies
  • Protect your Mobile Work force - this is just as important

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