Fire Equipment


Unlike a calculating burglar, a fire doesn't discriminate. Anyone and anything can be a target of its destructive powers. Automatic fire detection and alarm systems can be, specially designed to meet your requirements. Up to 70% of all businesses that are affected by serious fires never recover.

Fire Alarm System

Smart Control Systems has the experience and expertise to design, install, service and commission fire alarm systems to protect your business. All design, installation, servicing and commissioning is carried in accordance with Irish Standards 3218: 2013.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting provides up to 3 hours lighting for escape roots and darkened rooms, a correctly designed system can insure the escape of all occupancy during power outages and assists the emergency services during rescue attempts. If your emergency lights fail to operate properly, the building occupants can become confused and disoriented particularly in a smoke filled environment.

Routine maintenance of emergency lighting is frequently overlooked until an emergency occurs – and then it’s too late. 
 Smart Control Systems has the experience and expertise to design, install, service and commission emergency lighting to protect your business. All design, installation, servicing and commissioning is carried in accordance with Irish Standards 3217: 2013.

Fire Extinguishers

One of the most cost effective and efficient items of safety equipment your facility is required to have is a high quality portable fire extinguisher.

Smart Control Systems has the experience and expertise to design, install and maintain portable fire extinguishers to protect your business. All design, installation, servicing is carried in accordance with Irish Standards 291: 2015.

Smoke Ventilation Systems

Smoke ventilation systems save lives. If they are not maintained as per current regulations, the management company or owner of the premises is now legally responsible.

Natural, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems must adhere to BS7346 Part 1:1990, BS5588. Each site requires a preventative maintenance schedule carried out only by a certified engineer on a 6 monthly basis. Smart Control Systems recognize that our clients do have a choice in who they select to provide this essential service and support. As such Smart Control Systems provides a range of maintenance contracts, designed to fulfil your most critical requirements in both technical and economic terms.

Smart Control Systems offer an installation service for any size of project. This combined with our commissioning service removes any potential installation problems for you or your customer. Should a maintenance contract be required, Smart Control Systems can provide and cater to your individual requirements.

Security System Installation and Maintenance


Intruder Alarms

Smart Control Systems has a wide range of wireless and wired Intruder Alarms to protect your business or home. Couple this with your monitoring option via text message or direct call to you or your key holders you can be safe in the knowledge your business and home is being protected. Smart Control Systems has the experience and expertise to design, install, service and commission intruder alarm to protect your business. All design, installation, servicing and commissioning is carried in accordance with EN50131. PSA License number 01675.

C.C.T.V System

C.C.T.V. is a key component in modern security systems. Whether your requirements call for a simple CCTV system or a QNET networked installation combining visual surveillance and management control, we have the solution for you.

Combine this technology with remote viewing through your laptop, smart phone or monitoring system C.C.T.V. is the number 1 option to secure your company or home.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems offer increased convenience and flexibility over conventional locks and keys. Additional features such as combined card/PIN number; door interlocking and reporting further increase your security. Access Control Systems and Servicing we can offer include:

▪  Card Access Systems

▪  Digital Keypads

▪  PC Control for Card Access Systems with full user control
 and reporting

▪  Links to Fire Alarms and Attendance

▪  Video and Audio door entry systems

▪  PLC Based Systems

▪  Biometric Recognition Systems

▪  Combined ID and Access Cards

Intercom Systems

Full range of audio and video intercoms to meet all your Business Requirements.

Automatic Gates/Barriers

Security starts at the perimeter of your site. Automatic Gates/Barriers offer an effective way to tackle the problems of vehicle crime, vandalism and unauthorised parking. As controlling access to your premises has never been of higher priority, Smart Control Systems has the expertise to meet your needs with a wide range of barriers, gates, and security equipment.

Electrical Installation and Maintenance


Commercial Electrical Solutions include;

Office lighting and power design, LED lighting, Network Cabling, Maintenance and Fault Finding, Security Lighting, Sports Lighting, Street Lighting, Telephone and Data, Meters/Timers, PAT Testing, Re-certification, Infra Red Thermal Imaging.


Domestic Electrical Solutions include;

Home re-wiring, Data Cabling, AV, Phone &TV, Fault Finding, Security Lighting, Testing, Inspection and Certification, Additional Sockets or Lights.



Smart Control Systems fully qualified electricians provide maintenance and fault finding for all your electrical requirements. ECSSA number 30872.

Re-Certification/Periodic Inspection:

What is a Periodic Inspection?

A Periodic Inspection consists of a complete safety check on all electrical installations in your work premises. The inspection comprises an initial visual inspection followed by detailed examination using our electrical installation test equipment - in conformance with the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) procedural guidelines.

After inspection, Smart Control Systems will present an inspection report that highlights any deficiencies found and proposes recertification measures to alleviate any potential hazards.

Why a Periodic Inspection?

A periodic inspection gives employers peace of mind that they are providing a safe place of work for their employees and is a necessary component of the Health & Safety programme for your organisation. Employers are required to hold a valid Periodic Inspection Report in order to comply with the 'Safety, Health And Welfare At Work' Statutory Regulation 89(b) of SI 299 2007 as amended by SI 732 2007. A Periodic Inspection Report is valid for five years in a commercial property.

Vehicle CCTV - Coming Soon

Commercial and Domestic Solutions to Vehicle CCTV

There are many benefits of installing and operating an on-board vehicle camera/dashcam. For a low cost, a dashcam is a worthwhile investment for you
and your vehicle’s security. Our cameras are the latest products available and were produced feature-full; high definition, high quality video, trustworthy
and reliable.

  • Protect your insurance
  • Have a full time witness
  • Record journeys and share them to the world
  • Record evidence in the event of an insurance scam or accident
  • Promote good driver behaviour
  • Make our roads safer
  • Reduce the time to settle a claim
  • Can be fitted or removed in seconds
  • Used by global law enforcement agencies



All Installations are carried out in accordance with the system specific standards:

Fire Alarms: IS 3218:2013
Emergency Lighting: IS 3218:2013
Fire Extinguishers: IS 291:2015
Smoke Ventilation: BS7346 Part 1:1990, BS5588
Intruder Alarms: EN50131



Maintenance Contracts and Servicing

Smart Control Systems provides a unique service that can cover all aspects of fire, electrical and security within your development i.e. Fire Alarms, Extinguishers, Emergency Lighting, C.C.T.V. etc.

We are always happy to carry out a free survey of any existing security and safety systems within your development. This free survey allows us to give an accurate quote for the annual maintenance of the systems in place. As we have the expertise to provide all of these services we have been proven to save up to 25% on combined annual maintenance costs.

At Smart Control Systems pride ourselves on our quality and customer service. We carry out all servicing and maintenance to all relevant Irish Standards.

To arrange a free survey call us on 01-4087077 or email