Are you ignoring Fire Alarms in work?







Let's be honest - hands up who has heard the fire alarm go off in work, in school, in a public place and well, just plain ignored it? No one else is running for the exit so neither should I?

This attitude is ultimately life threatening. What if it's not a false alarm and you have spent the past few minutes checking your Facebook profile or tweeting about the annoying alarm in work instead of heading for the exit?

So who's fault is it that we do not take these ringing alarm bells serious? Is it our own? Our employers? We feel it could be a mix of both. Maybe there is not enough emphasis put on the importance of training and taking it seriously, and maybe we as people just don't listen enough or take it serious enough.

As an employer it is extremely important for you to provide adequate fire safety training. Instead of a Power-point presentation - why not show your employees by getting them to use fire extinguishers, play out evacuations etc. Getting physical with some of the equipment will ensure that your employees remember more of the guidelines.

As employees it is important to get involved in fire safety training when it happens, or encourage your employer to provide better training.

Here at Smart Control Systems we offer Fire Safety Training and Drills, so if you are unsure of what type of training you and your team require get in touch today on 01-4087077 and we would be happy to help.

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