The Grenfell Fire and What We Can Do Going Forward

In the weeks following the tragic Grenfell Tower it has forced us all to look at our Fire Safety. Are the standards high enough? and are they being met?

We all woke up on the 14th of June in disbelief. How in this day and age can such a tragedy happen? How were these materials approved for use on the building? How was there no fire alarm? Although these questions need to be answered, we also need to enquire about the standards of other buildings currently?

We were glad to hear that housing minister Eoghan Murphy has announced a new task force to review the fire safety in Ireland. The minister has asked for local authorities to review fire safety in multi-story social housing sector and report back in three weeks.

While it has been said that their are no residential buildings in Ireland comparable to Grenfell Tower, the first responsibility was to ensure appropriate measures were in place in all multi story buildings. It has been instructed that landlords are responsible to make sure that their properties fully comply with fire safety requirements.

A survey looking into cladding products on residential buildings taller than 6 stories tall in Dublin has found no major issues so far. This survey will now be extended across all of Ireland.

If you are a landlord or a resident with any queries or questions regarding your building safety or regarding the Fire Safety Standards in Ireland please do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to offer free advice as well as a free survey of your building.

Lastly, we here at Smart Control Systems want to send our condolences to anyone involved or affected by the Grenfell Tower, our thoughts are with you all.


Image: Getty Images

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