Remain Safe in the Event of a Fire









We have compiled a few main points that are crucial in remaining safe in the event of a fire. These points are easy to follow, understand and will hopefully lead to an increase in safety in the event of a fire.

  1. To start it is very important to have a working fire alarm at all times. Ensure that you check and test this fire alarm regularly, replacing batteries as you need to. If you are a Landlord/Employer, have means of warning of fire (a fire alarm), a safe means of escape (a fire exit), and Fire-fighting equipment (a fire extinguisher).
  2. If in the event that a fire were to occur, it is important that anyone in the building can escape with ease. Keep exits clear at all times and get as far away from the fire as possible, then call the emergency services.
  3. If the fire is small and has started in front of you and you can put it out then try to do so. Do this by use of appropriate fire safety equipment such as a suitable fire extinguisher and/or a fire blanket.
  4. The most important piece of advice is do not try to be a Hero. You and your family/co-workers safety is of utmost importance. If you are unsure if you can deal with the fire get out, get far away and let the Emergency Services deal with the dangerous work.

Should you feel that where you live or work is unsafe please report this to your landlord or employer.


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