How & When to use a Fire Blanket

How to use a Fire Blanket - 

  • Pull downwards and outwards on the two black tapes dangling from the bottom of the Fire Blanket. The blanket will open automatically.
  • Ensure that the fire blanket is covering your hands well before attempting to go near a fire.
  • Place the Fire Blanket gently over the fire.
  • Cover the burning material completely.
  • Turn off the heat.
  • Leave blanket in place and fire covered until cool (for at least 20 minutes).
  • If you cannot put out the fire this way, exit the building and call the Emergency Services.
  • Discard after use.

When to use a Fire Blanket - 

There are two main scenarios that you should use a Fire Blanket:

1. Putting out a Fire; In this case use the fire blanket as outlined above.

2. Dousing a Clothes Fire; when using a fire blanket on fires involving personal clothing, wrap yourself or the other person tightly in the blanket. Stop, drop and roll with the blanket wrapped tightly around you until the fire suffocates. Once the fire has been put out it is important to seek medical attention.

Maintaining a Fire Blanket - 

It is important that your Fire Blanket is looked after so that it can perform best for you if needed. The best place to store your fire blanket is in the kitchen, mounted to the wall, easily accessible but not too close to the stove, as a flare up may prevent you for accessing it. A regular inspection of the integrity of your Fire Blanket is crucial, if you feel your fire blanket has been tampered with please get a new one. Fire Blankets should be inspected and serviced yearly; on the reverse of your fire blanket should be a service record of when your Fire Blanket was last serviced - if this has been longer than a year please arrange a service. Dispose Fire Blankets after use - they are not reusable.


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