#Checkitthursday – Fire Alarm

With our latest campaign #checkitthursday this week we are checking our Fire Alarm.

Your Fire Alarm should be serviced 4 times a year in accordance with Irish Safety Standards IS291:2015. Within this service each smoke head, call point and sounder will be tested, the integrity of the Fire Alarm is checked and the batteries are checked.

If a fault ever arises on your fire alarm do not wait until its next service, contact your service provider immediately. Additionally should your fire alarm be ringing but there is no fire, do not either reset, silence or cut power to your fire alarm - call your service provider.

Your fire alarm is usually the first alert to you that there is a fire in the building and it is crucial that it is in top working condition.

You should be able to see a record of your Fire Alarm Services on the log book. The log book is to be stuck up along side the Fire Alarm Panel at all times.

When is the last time your Fire Alarm was serviced?

FA Panel 2

FA Panel 1

FA Panel 3

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