Protect Your Business Series – Creche

Do you work in or own a creche? Do you know all the regulations surrounding Fire, Security and Safety? Below we have compiled a guide for Faire Safety within your creche. This is an easy way for you to compare what is currently being done within your work space and what is expected or should be done.

Are you meeting all of the regulations and requirements? If so great news! You can click out of this post happy! If you are not, we are more than happy to answer any questions free of charge, call us on 01-4087077. If you have more than is required in place you can also give us a call about reducing your costs!

Fire safety in premises used for pre-school services is achieved by means of a combination of an effective fire safety management policy and adequate fire safety features in the premises.

An effective fire safety management policy is required to minimise the risk of fires occurring, and where a fire or other emergency occurs to ensure that children and staff on the premises are evacuated safely and without delay . To implement this policy, a fire safety programme should be put in place. A member of staff should be assigned responsibility for the implementation and overseeing of the fire safety programme.

Here are some points you should include in a Fire Safety Program:

  • Preventing Fire Outbreaks
  • Training of all staff on Fire Prevention and Safety Procedures - If a fire or other emergency occurs it is essential that staff are able to respond effectively by alerting the fire brigade and evacuating the premises safely and without delay. Procedures should be in place to facilitate this and there should be a sufficient number of staff available at all times to carry out the procedures effectively. Disabled and sleeping children should be given a high priority in the evacuation procedure
  • Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Drills - A fire drill should be carried out in the premises at regular intervals, preferably on a monthly basis and at the start of each new school year.
  • Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment - All fire protection equipment provided should be in good working order. It is important to ensure that maintenance is carried out at the required intervals in accordance with the relevant standards. For this purpose, arrangements should be made with competent service companies. This includes the maintenance of the Fire Alarm and of Fire Extinguishers.
  • Maintenance of your Building
  • Availability of Escape Routes - Escape Routes should be clearly indicated, not obstructed and available for use at all times. Doors and Gates across escape routes should be secured in a manner that they can be easily and immediately opened at all times. Security arrangements for your creche should not impede or prevent the use of escape routes.
  • Keeping of Fire Safety Records

A fire alarm system is required in every premises used for pre-school services to give early warning of an outbreak of fire and to ensure that the escape routes can be safely used.

If you have any other questions or are unsure of any information outlined above please feel free to call us or to refer to The Fire Services Act, 1981, where all of the relevant standards and regulations are outlined in full.

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