Halloween Fire Safety

Halloween is renowned for bonfires and fireworks, with bonfire collections starting late in September. With it just around the corner it is the Fire Brigade and Emergency Services busiest time of year.

The most dangerous and frightening part of all of that is Bonfires and Firework Displays are usually carried out by unqualified/unlicensed bodies.

So Smart Control Systems is here to help and make the regulations around Bonfiresand Fireworks clear:*

All Bonfires and Firework Displays are illegal unless you are hosting an event that FULLY complies with the Fire Services Act. All planned bonfires should be lodged with Fire Services and they will then review and issue a license where they see fit.

The majority of Bonfires and Firework Displays you see on Halloween are therefore illegal and extremely dangerous. We would suggest looking up organised supervised bonfires and event throughout Dublin City, County and the rest of Ireland to attend. Avoid building/attending illegal bonfires as they are extremely dangerous, bad for the environment and your health.

Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact your local council.

*Dublin City Fire Brigade was contacted to provide the most accurate information

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