Christmas Fire Safety

At Christmas time there is a huge increase of fire causing materials (lights, candles and fires) in your house along with an increase in flammable goods (decorations, trees etc.) So fire safety is a must!

Here are some useful pointers to prevent a fire occurring in your home this Christmas;

  • Decorations can catch fire easily. Do not hang decorations or cards too close to lights.
  • Overloading a plug socket can overload the main electrical circuit in the house which can ultimately lead to a fire.
  • Never use more than one adaptor/extension lead in each socket.
  • Ensure your smoke alarm is in the centre of the room, and check the battery regularly.
  • Turn decorative lights and tree lights off at night and when you leave the house. If left on, unattended, for a long period of time the bulbs can over heat and cause a fire. When lights are switched on make sure that none of the bulbs are touching paper or fabric decorations.
  • Candles give a great Christmas feel, make sure they are on a non-flammable surface, upright and well away from decorations.
  • If you are having a real Christmas tree, make sure it is a freshly cut one. If the needles fall off it is too dry. Make sure to stand your tree in sand with water in it to ensure it does not dry out, leaving it less susceptible to catching fire.
  • Do not hang stocking or decorations over a working fireplace, sparks and heat can set them on fire. Always use a fire guard.
  • Always use an ashtray if smoking, and do not leave a lit cigarette in an ashtray.

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