Intruder Alarm System

Smart Control Systems use HKC Intruder Alarm Systems.

HKC are market leading designers and manufacturers of high quality, cost-effective Electronic Security Systems and Alarm Products.

  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Wired Alarm Systems
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Cloud Based Solution

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Specialists in designing, fitting and maintaining a wide range of alarm systems, Smart Control Systems can tailor alert and detection equipment for your business, whether an SME’s or a large corporation, public sector body and multinational entity.

We use market leaders - HKC Wired and Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems. Our alarm systems deliver multi-purpose functions including intruder detection, perimeter protection, internal alerts, personal attack monitoring as well as fast alarm response.

From basic solutions such as interior motion detection devices for the protection of large offices to more complex systems that can detect breaking glass for example, our engineers can advise which system is right for you during your security risk audit.

Wireless Alarms : Wireless alarms can be fitted quickly, easily and securely in a matter of hours. Using radio signals to maintain communication with the entire network, one of the main benefits of installing a wireless alarm is that there are no wires involved, meaning that no unsightly drill holes need to disturb the aesthetics of your building

Relatively inexpensive and unobtrusive, wireless alarms also offer very robust and reliable battery power, while cellular notification is used for monitoring purposes.

These alarms are extremely effective and cost-efficient in homes and small businesses.

Wired Alarms: Our wired alarm range is the most effective and economic solutions available on the market.

These systems have ID capability, user-friendly perimeter points, unique audio messaging features, along with LCD displays and audible system arming, providing you with peace of mind that your property and belongings are protected at all times.


All of our products are fully guaranteed, while our installation projects are fulfilled by our own in-house team of highly qualified and experienced engineers.

During your initial site inspection, our engineers will carry out a full risk assessment of your facility. Only once we have fully considered all of the risk, we will provide a detailed  quotation.

During service visits a full report will be provided on site and any extensive repair work will be scheduled as soon as possible.


Intruder alarm monitoring services provide for the quick detection and alert of Gardai in the event of a break-in or security breach.

We supply a world-class alarm monitoring service using the latest technology to quickly connect and alert the Gardai, who in turn dispatches officers immediately.

A professionally trained team provide dedicated 24 -7 alarm monitoring services, ensuring the fastest response to intruder and personal attack emergencies.

Our alarm-receiving centre is certified to I.S. 228 Alarm Receiving Standard, Standards Recommendations S.R. 25 and S.R. 41.

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