Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher 6 Litre

166.05 inc.vat | 135.00 ex.vat

Ideal for areas where a large fat fire may be encountered. Used on Class F Fires – Cooking Oils and Fats. The wet chemical is a hand portable fire extinguisher specified for restaurants and kitchens.

Mist discharge helps prevent grease splash.


These are specialised fire extinguishers for use on cooking oils and burning fats (class F). They are often found available in kitchens and should be considered for anywhere in the proximity of kitchens or cooking activity, including private homes.
Can be used with wall bracket, plastic bottom case or specification bracket to choice.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are often used in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and even homes.

6 litre extinguisher weighs 10 kg

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Weight 10 kg