Foam Fire Extinguisher


Available in 2 sizes and particularly useful on class B fires involving oil, petrol and paint thinners, foam extinguishers have the same cooling effect as water extinguishers; however, an added foam film works effectively to starve the fire of oxygen.

With handy storage capacity, our high quality foam fire extinguishers are a more convenient option than a water extinguisher for the equivalent fire risk, providing more capacity to tackle deep-seated blazes.

Irish & European standard approved, fully re-chargeable and serviceable.


Foam extinguishers - class A & B: used on flammable liquids involving oil, petrol and paint thinners.

Our entire range of class foam fire extinguishers are fitted with jet stream nozzles which directs a concentrated flow of foam on to the hazard.
This extinguishers has an external epoxy paint that adds extra protection to with-stand extreme temperatures. Valve with CE approval, ensures reliability and optimize efficiency. Can be used with wall bracket, plastic bottom case or specification bracket to choice.

Technical Data
- Provide high quality internal lining against corrosion
- Polyester external coating adds extra protection to withstand extreme temperatures, dirty environments and UV degradation.
- Pressure gauge provides instant check of extinguisher pressure status. This pressure gauge is approved by EN3.
- High grade brass head assembly ensures reliability and optimizes efficiency.
- High quality application hose and nozzle
- Stored pressure, Nitrogen as propellant gas
- Working pressure: 14 bar
- Test pressure: 27 bar.
- Extinguishing Agent: Water

6 litre extinguisher weighs 9.5 kg
9 litre extinguisher weighs 13.5 kg

Discharge time 10 seconds
Range between 4 and 7 meters

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

6KG, 9KG