Emlite PP1200 Electricity Meter/Timer – Coin Operated (Euro)

370.85 inc.vat | 301.50 ex.vat

A versatile prepayment coin meter, with €1 & €2 payment options. In addition, this meter can also be used as a Timer, simply amend the programming to give a set amount of time per coin.

This 100 Amp meter is MID approved and can be set up with two tariffs, perfect for Economy 7. It also features a programmable standing charge and debt collection function, as well as a fully electronic validator for coin acceptance ensuring no loss of revenue through the use of foreign or fake coins.

This meter comes complete with our single phase security kit to deter accidental and deliberate tampering. It includes 4 meter collars to secure your meter tails and a meter seal to prevent access to terminals.

The landlord can adjust the rate (cents per
kWh) in accordance with current electricity charges.


Technical Specifications:
Supply Voltage 230V 50Hz
Current 20 - 100 Amps
Colour White
Dimensions H: 208mm W: 280mm D: 95mm
Weight 1.76 Kg
Cashbox capacity 150 €1 and 150 €2 (total 300)

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 17.3 × 25.5 × 12.3 cm