Robyns Life Trust and Smart Control Systems

Our MD Lou Reed is running a marathon in April to raise money for Robyn Smyth to help her beat cancer.

This is the first marathon that Lou has run and he is up for the challenge. This all came about when a member of Robyns Life Trust called to the office to sell a calendar to raise money for Robyn. Lou was intrigued by the story and invited Ann Marie in to discuss further.

Robyn is 10 years old. At age 3 she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. After months of aggressive treatments including chemotherapy, surgery, stem-cell transplant & radiotherapy Robyn entered remission. Unfortunately in 2013 the Smyth family learned that neuroblastoma had returned. This time the cancer had already spread to her spine, pelvis, legs, and eye socket. Typically children with Robyn’s current prognosis have a 5% chance of survival. To date Robyn has received all the treatment Ireland has to offer. This means Robyn’s only option is to partake in clinical trials and new treatments only available in America. These offer Robyn the best chance of survival.

We here at Smart Control Systems are doing all that we can to raise some much needed money to help fund Robyns Treatment, so much so that Lou is running his first marathon, The Connemarathon in Galway, in aid of Robyn.

Follow Lou in his training over on our Facebook Page: and help us raise as much money as possible for Robyn by Liking and Sharing our post and videos.

There is something else you can do – you can donate to help Robyn in her fight. Here is a lnk to - donate. If you would like to make a bigger donation please visit or you can contact us and we will put you in contact with the wonderful people behind the charity.


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