Points to note when getting a new security alarm

Wired or Wireless:
There are two types of security alarms available - Wired or Wireless. Decide if you want or need your system to be wired or wireless. This will depend on the layout of the house and whether or not you have an existing alarm. Provided your house is already pre-wired for an alarm, wired alarm systems tend to be less expensive than wireless systems. However, this may not hold true if your home requires wiring.

Audible-Only or Monitored:
Once you have determined the type of house alarm, you then must decide if you require your house alarm to be monitored or not. A remotely monitored system will emit sound upon activation, however it will additionally send a signal to a central monitoring station which informs a nominated body that the alarm has been activated. You may require this if you are living in an isolated area with few neighbours.  If you live in an urban area or apartment block you may then require an audible-only system.

Selecting an Installer:
When selecting an installer, it is vital only to choose a company and installer that is officially licensed. This ensures that the supplier is certified to EN 50131, which is the European standard from intruder alarm systems. When requesting a quotation from a company, ensure that they carry out a survey of your premises so they can give an accurate quote, this will decrease the chance of additional costs popping up after the job has started.

Pricing alarm systems is difficult because much depends on the type of alarm (wireless or wired, monitored or unmonitored), along with the particular installation work required for each individual property. That is why it is important to get a survey of your premises prior to a quote to ensure the most accurate quotation.

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