How to save on your bills this Christmas

With the colder weather, cooking up a feast and decorating houses with Christmas Lights - you can see a spike in your bills around this time of year. We have some great tips to help you keep your bill down, allowing you to spend more on the things you want this Christmas.

  • Get cosy; Instead of turning up the thermostat this year, grab a couple of extra blankets, pop on another layer and get everyone on the couch for a movie. You can save on average 3% of your heating bill for every degree you turn down on your thermostat. Close your curtains the retain the heat within the room.
  • Consider turning down the thermostat when you have guests or when you are cooking.
  • When cooking your Christmas Turkey, try to reduce the number of times you open the oven door. Opening your oven door lets out the heat that has built up.
  • Bake several dishes at a time. By making the most of the oven being on you are reducing the length of time you will be using energy.
  • Fill up your fridge! A full fridge acts as insulation, and requires less energy to keep items cool.
  • Switch to LED Lights - switch out any old light bulbs to new LED Lights. Using LED Lights saves on bills and reduces your energy consumption. Even consider switching to LED Christmas Lights!
  • Make sure you are powering down appliances every night. Taking the time to power down all appliances at night is not only reducing your energy bill but it is reducing your risk of a fire.
  • Shop around - take a look at your energy provider and see what else is on offer. You can find great savings just by shopping around.
  •  Limit the amount of time that your Christmas Lights are on; when it is bright outside the look of your Christmas lights are lost, wait until it is dark to turn them on!
  • When you have your Christmas Tree lit, turn off your main lights, this will save on electricity and also create the perfect Christmas Ambiance.

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