Do you have the need for a Timer/Meter?

Do you have a service or appliance that its usage needs to be regulated or controlled? Is it available to the public? Coin/Card Timers and Meters are a great way to regulate the usage of such services. You can set the time or power usage per coin/card inserted as desired and allow the service or appliance to run accordingly. But what is the difference between a timer and a meter? How do you know which one you may require?

A Timer will give users a certain amount of time to use an appliance or power regardless of the units of usage. Timers can be used for Sports Pitches or Courts where you allocate a certain amount of time to play to the coin inserted into the timer. Timers can also be used for appliances such as hair dryers, showers etc. that are commonly found in hotels/hostels.

A Meter will give users a certain amount of power or usage unit regardless of the amount of time. Meters are particularly useful for landlords wanting to regulate the usage of electricity within an apartment or location in the building. Or to simply split the price of electricity usage throughout a building.

So deciding your need for a timer or a meter depends on the purpose of the service you are trying to regulate. Should you require any further help in deciding the best timer/meter for your service please do not hesitate to contact us, plus many are available to purchase online here.



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