Christmas Light Safety – Our Top 10 Tips

Christmas Lights are the most commonly used Christmas Decoration every year, indoor and outdoor.

It is important to be safe when using such amount of lights as they can be a Fire Hazard. To make it nice, quick and easy for you we picked our Top 10 Tips to up your Fire Safety Game this Christmas.

  • Keep them dry - this may be obvious to some but important enough to reiterate.
  • Prevent tripping hazards. Tac or tape down lights correctly so there is not chance of anyone tripping over them.
  • Don't over use the lights. Turn them off when not in the house or in use.
  • Don't overload your outlets - ever! It's a no no.
  • Don't put cords through doors/windows. Use sockets that are in the room.
  • Only use with a reputable safety standard - make sure and check the packaging for such standards.
  • Use outdoor lights - outdoors and Indoor lights - indoors. Never ever use indoor lights outside as they are not weather proof.
  • Opt For Cooler-burning Light as opposed to the traditional bulbs
  • Inspect each set of lights to ensure all bulbs are working and are safe to use.
  • Do not let children or animals play with lights or sockets.

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