#checkitthursday – Smart Control Systems Fire Safety Campaign


Every month we come across equipment in buildings that is long over due a service, we get it, fire safety seems boring, and boring it may be - but it quite literally saves lives on a regular basis.

You could be reading this post while in your apartment or workplace - do you know the last time your fire extinguishers where serviced? Do you know that your Fire Alarm should be serviced 4 times a year in accordance with the Irish Safety Standards IS291:2015?

Well that is what we are for, we are now going to be reminding you ever so gently to check your fire safety equipment and know when it is to be serviced next.

By servicing your Fire Safety Equipment you are ensuring that it is in it's best working condition at all times, so should you ever need it, it is there for you. The frequency that each piece of equipment should be serviced is decided by The Irish Safety Standards. These are the standards that we work to.

So next time you are in work and have a break, take a look at your fire safety equipment, there should be a maintenance record with each one, and see if it has been serviced recently.

We will be providing picture examples of what a serviced fire extinguisher, fire alarm etc. should look like so you can compare it against yours. If you have any questions, tweet us, email us and/or call us.

We would love to see you get involved by tweeting us back pictures of your either serviced or unserviced fire safety equipment.

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