Carbon Monoxide – what you need to know

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless odourless gas produced by wood/gas appliances that don’t burn properly or are faulty. If this gas is released into your house it can poison you.

The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are; feeling very tired (more than usual), having long lasting headaches, nausea or dizziness. Sometimes it may feel like you have the flu.

Although hard to detect by sight or smell, Carbon Monoxide Detectors are easy to use, source and low cost. Install detectors near bedrooms and sleeping areas.

Ensure appliances (such as heating system) are installed and checked yearly by a certified professional. Make sure rooms with heating appliances have a vent, do not block vents. Never use any appliance if you suspect it might be faulty. Use appliances only for the purpose that they were designed for.

If you are feeling ill and your Carbon Monoxide Alarm goes off, get out of the house immediately and call Emergency Services. Fresh Air is necessary to aid Carbon Monoxide leaving your body. Do not re-enter your house until it is deemed safe.

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